• 'Supporting Enniskillen Businesses to be more Digital'

'Supporting Enniskillen Businesses to be more Digital'

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2023 is going to be a Digital Year for most businesses. If you would like Free advice on starting a new Ecommerce website on Shopify, then message us to book a free Consultation.

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What is Digital Enniskillen?

Digital Enniskillen is an initiative to enhance the digital presence of businesses in Enniskillen.

Business is changing, and with it comes new challenges and the need for new skills. This is especially true when businesses think about their digital presence. From retail to  restaurants, from couriers to accountants and all in between, there is a constant push to be more digital.

Digital Enniskillen will provide FREE information, workshops and training as well as advice on mentoring to improve business' online presence and make Enniskillen business more competitive.

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