About Us

Business is changing, and with it comes new challenges and the need for new skills. This is especially true when business thinks about its digital presence.

From retail shops, restaurants, to couriers and farmers and all in between, there is a constant push to be more digital.

Enniskillen BID is launching a new initiative called Digital Enniskillen to help provide the digital help needed to enhance Enniskillen business digital footprint.

Digital Enniskillen, will offer a range of services, training and workshops to assist business to establish or build on there existing digital base. Based on its recent completed research, its planned services will include:-


Digital Presence

Working with business owners to set up a basic digital presence and to look at improvements that can be made. Including Google Business page listings, Google map and linking to web and social media platforms.


Digital Link

Providing an information area for Enniskillen business to find out about all Digital training, courses, mentoring and workshops available locally.


Digital Ecommerce

This will assist shop owners look at enhancing there business with a digital ecommerce site workshops, and mentoring.